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Mary MacRory

Life Coach and Business Coach

I help clients, particularly working women, to shift negative beliefs and thinking by releasing them from being “stuck” and by providing effective life coaching and use of holistic therapies so that they can clearly plan and attain their goals (in career, business and personal life), manage stress and generally improve the quality and joy in all aspects of their lives
Mary MacRory is passionate about helping you to be your best whether you are an organisation, an adult or a young person. We all have challenges but also have the answers within us to overcome them and be successful.

Mary has a wealth of experience in business coaching and has a Distinction in a Diploma in Life Coaching from SNHS (School of Natural Health Science) which is internationally recognised by the ICHM (International College of Holistic medicine, with members in 29 countries) as well as being a Certified Practitioner in both NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) and 38 years working within Accountancy.

Do you need a life coach or business coach?

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How Mary Can Help?

Mary is a life coach and business coach. She is especially interested in coaching corporate women due to her corporate background and awareness of the work stresses as well as life stresses involved in combining this with rearing young (and not so young!) families, ensuring ageing parents are cared for whilst being under lots of stresses connected with deadlines, long working hours and managing teams.

What my clients say?

A big thank you Mary for a powerful Quantum Release. Having immediately put our session into context, you very quickly got the feel of where I was coming from. With great empathy and understanding, you did a brilliant job on your questioning and probing and you very quickly got to the crux of the issue. You did a brilliant job on the Quantum Release itself. In addition, I can also say as part of the overall process, there was also a Belief Change, lots of reframing and a specific call to action, which was fantastic. Thank you so much and lots of love.- Patricia Grimes
I feel more positive and enthusiastic about the Project. I feel I can make this work to my benefit. The Parts Integration made me feel more light hearted and I can see the plan more clearly. I think this has made me more focussed and eager, pushing me to get things done instead of putting them off. I subsequently went on to form a company and take on large construction project.- Dan O’Driscoll
I really enjoyed my first coaching session with Mary. Mary enabled me to tap into the underlying issue at hand by probing me with different questioning techniques. From the outset Mary put me at ease which meant that I was very comfortable discussing the issue with her. She was extremely practical, open minded and above all she demonstrated a positive attitude throughout our session which helped me to feel re-energised. The issue which I wish to address is my motivation to continue with my weight loss journey following the birth of my baby. The coaching session enabled me to draw out what changes I needed to make to re-energise and re-motivate myself. For example, I plan to follow the positive visualisation affirmation tools which Mary suggested. In addition I plan to take up exercises which I really enjoy such as zumba and swimming. Overall, I found the session very enjoyable and I took away excellent insights and learnings from it.</p> <p>We have successfully completed our first year in business. We now have ten staff, more machinery and more work lined up. The company and all in it are doing well. Everything is going well regarding the construction side of the business and also admin, accounts, taxation and compliance issues are up to date. I still touch base regularly with Mary regarding current and future plans both from a business, financial and a coaching viewpoint.- Orla O'Rourke
Mary MacRory helped me out so much with my confidence which helped me better myself towards my education and my lifestyle. Mary helped me believe in myself when applying for trinity College, the top University in Ireland. She also gave a mock interview to practice for the Trinity College interview. I did not get into Trinity and she encouraged me to pursue it next year and to do whatever needed to be done to get in. So I am currently doing a course that will open the gates of Trinity to me. It’s all thanks to Mary MacRory- Nicky Lawlor
Mary totally understood me. I was delighted when I finally obtained a place in Trinity and am enjoying the challenges of the Computer Science degree. My first year is now near completion and I am very happy with the course and also that I persevered and achieved the first step in my dream. I am still contact Mary to discuss aspects of the course and of Trinity but am so much more focused and self-confident in achieving my goals.- Maeve Allen.