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My Story

My Background

  • 38 years’ experience in Accountancy
  • Initially training with Ernst & Young, where I worked for 5 years
  • Working in AA Insurance services  for 2 years
  • NCB Stockbroking reporting into Dermot Desmond on a weekly basis for 1 year as Financial Accountant
  • Freelanced for several years and working as a Consultant (as an ERP Project Manager in Kerry Group –in Germany, Glanbia, Resources Global, Unilever and MetLife) and Interim Financial Controller and Change Manager at WYG.
  • Financial Controller roles in Alcoa and GE, being promoted to Finance Director in both.

I have experience in restructuring, sourcing finance staff, coaching and mentoring and also involved with Corporate Women’s Networks – in GE and setting up in Ireland with Alcoa. An excellent way to support and promote and enable better communication, understanding and mentor and coach up and coming female talent.


Life Coach and NLP and QTT Practitioner

With this wealth of 30 years at Corporate level experience behind me and understanding the pressure, particularly on working women with children and ageing parents, I have shifted my focus more to researching, then qualifying and being certified to offer life coaching, NLP and QTT in addition to my wealth of practical senior financial level experience. I am extremely well placed to offer the following services to enable companies, working women especially in the corporate sector, to live happier, more productive and less stressful professional and personal lives.
  • One-to-one mentoring or coaching within the business/corporate sector. In person in my Kildare Office or by Skype.
  • One-to-one Life Coaching, especially women. In person in my Kildare Office or by Skype.
  • Corporate seminars – employee engagement, wellness, stress and time management incorporating a holistic approach and boosting energy, satisfaction and productivity.
  • Holistic retreat week in Tenerife incorporating morning coaching and afternoon yoga, swimming, tennis, visiting beautiful and interesting places on the Ireland or just relaxing and/or shopping !

I know the island of Tenerife very well and can speak Spanish which adds a lot of value and humour to the holistic retreats! As a small group, I believe that the retreats will be rejuvenating and transforming.

Writing a book on “Women, Work and Wellness.”

I am writing a book as a practical, helpful and up-to-date guide for working women who juggle their careers and family lives often under enormous stress. It is based upon my own experience, working at a level in Finance for nearly 40 years, raising two children. I contribute by applying the theory and practice of Life Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) in addition to my skills and experience.
This book offers – a useful guide for a happier, more stress-free personal and professional life for working women.
Initially gaining a Joint Honours Science degree (Botany and Physical Geography) at Durham University in the UK, I had intended to study and pursue a career in Landscape Architecture.
However, with the economic turmoil in the UK in 1978 this was not a viable option so I decided to relocate to Ireland, my spiritual home, having both Irish parents and ancestors. A pragmatic decision to earn money determined my decision to train in Dublin as an Accountant and this is the field I have since worked in for thirty-eight years.
When I was single and had no children, life was relatively stress free. However, when children and family life came into play, I found that the stress levels from all directions increased.
I have had a successful career within Accountancy but in common with many working in this and other fields, the long hours can be quite a strain after many years and particularly when adding in growing families and ageing parents.
Within my own working career, I have noticed that many women, myself included, put themselves last after career and family.
This can eventually result in a lack of joy and often dissatisfaction in their own lives due to stress levels not being managed properly. Time being at a premium, there is also not a lot of spare time for their own relaxation.
This may not be fully appreciated by ourselves or others, especially in what is still basically a patriarchal corporate world and society. Things are changing but this book is specifically written to give useful tips and techniques that I would have loved to have known when going through some of the most stressful times. It would definitely have made me take more time for my own self-care and generally to make more time for myself and feel less guilt.
As my awareness of the practical challenge grew and with the children now adults, I decided to leave Accountancy and to research what exactly could be done to improve life and work satisfaction for working women.
Initially this for my own interest but soon realised that this knowledge and the benefits gleaned could and should be shared with women (and men) still in that situation.
I had always been interested in psychology, mentoring and in coaching and now having had practical as well as theoretical experience in coaching, mentoring, NLP and QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies), was the time to embrace and share it.
The phrase “work-life balance” whilst often quoted on company websites and when being recruited is often not put into practice within the working environment.
So, in this book. I have drawn upon my own considerable experiences, plus those of others, various pieces of new research and several courses to pull together a much needed, up-to-date guide on practical ways to assist women live more satisfying lives both at work and in their personal lives.
I hope it helps you understand and navigate work and life with more effectiveness, efficiency and success as well as more enjoyment. So much is known today about how our subconscious mind works and how we can optimise our behavioural patterns, manage our time and stress better and basically enjoy all aspects of our life more.
As a result of the above, I turned my attention more recently, undertaking considerable research into coaching and looking at the way we think via NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies). I decided to study and to help other women (and men) so became certified in QTT modalities (developed by Moira Geary of Mind Experts’ Academy) NLP and also benefitted greatly from a nine-month Professional Development Course, called “Wealthy Minds” also studied under Moira’s guidance and wisdom.
Additionally, I also studied and became certified with a Life Coaching Diploma with SNHS (School of Natural Health Science) where I am pursuing further Diploma studies in Aromatherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Professional Relaxation, Advance Life Coaching and will be following on by doing research in International Holistic Therapies and International Life Coaching.
All of the above is part of my own journey to recapture the enjoyment in my own life and to help others do the same with my knowledge and guidance.
If you enjoyed this book and would like to work with me further or share with me how the book has changed your work-life satisfaction, please visit my Facebook page where you can stay in touch.

How to use this book

This book helps you to get from where you are now (maybe stressed, dissatisfied, overwhelmed or even personally or professionally “stuck” in life) to where you would like to be. You are helped to work through your journey to a more enjoyable and relaxed lifestyle, dealing effectively with stress, overwhelm and progressing in the way you want to in your personal and professional life. You may not even know what your desired state looks like yet and I can help you unblock negative beliefs and thinking and enable you to see more clearly what your goals and objectives can be.
The book has deliberately been written in a very structured way so that you can easily dip into the chapters (or sections within the chapters) that interest you most or where you feel you may gain some useful tips or information.
The chapters are arranged in a deliberate sequence charting from where you are now – your current state – and getting to know and understand fully what exactly what your current state is through the various steps e.g.
  1. The need for self knowledge (how your subconscious works, values, beliefs etc.)
  2. Understanding the 7 Behavioural codes of QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) and their links to our understanding of our human needs and chakras.
  3. The need for and how to improve self-care to manifest at a higher and more abundant energy level
  4. Understanding and embracing finances, corporate life, promotion and climbing the corporate ladder, if that is what you want.
  5. Time management and overwhelm strategies
  6. Understanding and embracing promotion and climbing the corporate ladder.
  7. Role of life coaching and other holistic therapies
To then arrive at the end of your journey at a more peaceful, stress-free, successful and productive personal and professional lives.