Why Should You Watch My Webinar?

I am Mary MacRory and I help clients, particularly working women, to shift negative beliefs and thinking by releasing them from being “stuck” and by providing effective coaching and use of holistic therapies.

The reason why I am great at coaching my clients as I am a prime example of it working:

I changed my lifestyle

I changed my career

Set up a new business

Wrote a book

Watch my webinar to hear my story and realise you can do the same with the tools, tips and techniques I offer in the webinar.

Transform your personal & business life

Watch my on demand webinar and you will learn:

  • Tools, tips and techniques to release from being overwhelmed or even “stuck”
  • Showing practical ways that exist to tackle something that is bothering you
  • Make changes you want to but don’t know where to start
  • Feel differently about yourself and your life – so here’s some help
  • Think about what really matters, even if it’s hard
  • Shift negative self-limiting beliefs

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Watch my on demand webinar